Great Plains HRC
Celebrating 23 Years of Outstanding Hunting Retriever Training!

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The Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. (HRC), founded in 1984, was conceived by hunters for hunters and is affiliated with the United Kennel Club, Inc. (UKC). The HRC’s primary purposes are the betterment of hunting retrievers, to influence the breeding and training of hunting retrievers, to provide hunters and their retrievers with actual hunting tests in a controlled system, and to furnish ongoing educational and training programs for hunters. The HRC is a great organization that helps teach discipline, responsibility, safety in the field, and educates hunters about training their hunting dogs.

The HRC maintains its common sense, hunting realism in testing hunting retrievers in the field and in the water for upland game and waterfowl. Most HRC members own retrieving breeds, but participation is open to other versatile hunting dog breeds. HRC stresses hunting realism and gun safety in all its hunting tests. These events are great fun where everyone can root for the other person’s dog and help each other with their training.

The Great Plains HRC is located in HRC’s Region 13. Great Plains HRC members get together to train, conduct club business, participate in dog training seminars, hold fun hunts and licensed hunt tests. The Great Plains HRC has access to some outstanding training grounds for its members. The success of the Great Plains Club comes from its active members who are devoted outdoors men, women and young people.